Italian luxury bag designer : Présentation du créateur italien Giancarlo Petriglia le 2 octobre au Shangri-la /// Presentation of the Italian designer on 2 October at the Shangri-la

Written on 10/17/2017


A l'occasion de la Fashion Week, la maison Giancarlo Petriglia a présenté sa nouvelle collection le 2 OCTOBRE 2017 dans le magnifique Palace Shangri La PARIS (10 Avenue d'Iéna, 75116 Paris). Le Club Amilcar était invité à cette présentation PRESSE. Nous avons donc le plaisir de vous présenter les modèles présentés à cette occasion. Le Club Amilcar aime l'univers de la MAISON Giancarlo Petriglia. Le Club Amilcar aime l'audace de la marque.

Porter du Giancarlo Petriglia c'est affirmer un style, une marque particulière et une identité propre. Porter du Giancarlo Petriglia c'est aussi témoigner d'une force et d'une empreinte... Porter du Giancarlo Petriglia c'est surtout porter de L'ART ... En tant que créatrice du Club Amilcar & Club Amilcar Magazine, j'ai pu découvrir un grand nombres de marques haut de gamme avec une histoire et une identité marquée. J'aime les défis et les risques que prennent les marques et les entrepreneurs de demain. Pour moi, porter du Giancarlo Petriglia c'est affirmer une prise de risque audacieuse et distinguée, une façon de voir le monde différemment, une réflexion sur la vue et l'amour...



On the occasion of Fashion Week, the Giancarlo Petriglia House presented its new collection in the magnificent Palace Shangri La PARIS (10 Avenue d'Iéna, 75116 Paris). The Club Amilcar was invited to this PRESSE presentation. We are pleased to present the models presented here. Club Amilcar strongly recommends this brand.

Dressing up in Giancarlo Petriglia means affirming a style, a particular brand and a specific identity. Dressing up in Giancarlo Petriglia is also a testament to a strength and an imprint ... Dressing up in Giancarlo Petriglia is above all ART wear ... As a creator of the Club Amilcar & Club Amilcar Magazine, I was able to discover a large number of high-end brands with a history and a marked identity. I like the challenges and risks that brands and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. For me, dressing in Giancarlo Petriglia means affirming a bold and distinguished risk-taking, a way of seeing the world differently, a reflection on sight and love ...




A partnership involving the customization of two iconic models of Giancarlo Petriglia: the soft and asymmetric Paloma bag and the provocative and refined Queen bag,  with its innovative and contemporary forms, both realized in multi-colored calf. The artwork is “The Kiss”, a reflection about love, its contradictions and how in a love story the line between balance and disorder is very labile.

The famous Rubik’s cube becomes the metaphor of the human’s need to find the right fit between two souls who meet and, after burying the hatchet of initial reticence, they kiss each other in the sign of a newborn and passionate love…


Giancarlo Petriglia, born in 1973 in Milan, since his early childhood showed a particular attitude towards fashion, accompanied by a great artistic sensibility. He studied at the Naba Academy, graduating with honours, and from there,  he immediately starts to work in an important fashion design department : Trussardi.

Artistic director and personal assistant of Mrs. Trussardi, Giancarlo quickly distinguished himself for his common sense and careful study of the market, consolidating these skills through the development of the Men’s, Women’s and Accessories collections. After spending eight years in close contact with leading figures of  Maison Trussardi,  continues his experience in different product design departments, and his love for accessories grows consequently. During these years he had close collaboration with important figures representing points of reference in the luxury market, like Nicolas Ghesquière, Vincent Darrè, Mariuccia Casadio, just to name a few. His first Spring Summer 2012 collection is immediately welcomed by the reference market mostly thanks to its emphasised made in Italy identity achieved thorough the expertise of leather handcrafted manufacturing. The designer keeps receiving the necessary incentives to move forwards from different sources. In fact he wins the Who is on Next 2012 edition for accessory promoted by Vogue Italia and Alta Roma. Giancarlo worked in the last 4 year as Artistic Director for the Piquadro collections. Furthermore, he followed the leather goods design directions for other brands such Moreschi, Trussardi and Cruciani, just to name a few. His  identity is recognisable from its logo: two parallel griffins, mythological guardians of the gold and of the most precious things on earth. It’s from this concept of preciousness that the brand philosophy was born and took shape. “My aim is simply to create luxurious and glamorous bags”.

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